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The Mr Super story continues in the newest animation- coming out this year.

It's almost here and it's FIRST LOOK is already out! That's right it's out right now! What're you waiting for? Go give it a watch!

If you're still here or just got back,

What in the world is this, what's going on?

I guess we should rewind a bit. It's been more than a year since my last "news post" on Newgrounds. Whats so important that I have to gather the masses for this time... I didn't wanna come empty-handed, so I waited until I was ready to show a little something off. If you are new to the series you can find the past movies on here or on my YouTube.

Why isn't the clip on Newgrounds?

Actually, that is a good question. Mainly I don't want to fill up my page with previews and shorts, I do value Newgrounds as a place to show off my finished works that way all the extra stuff doesn't confuse anyone. It also allowed me to make one of these things! Even though I could of wrote all of this and put it on my page anyways. I plan to upload the final animation on here, but if you want me to add clips as well I am planning on putting another out before it's finished. Let me know on this post what you think about that, for now this ones on YouTube only.

Whens it coming out then?

I currently don't know, I have an estimate but I don't wanna say anything in case I have to change it. It's still too soon to tell but it should be this year for sure. I have been working my butt off on this and I will probably go into more detail on the production later somewhere, I dunno yet.

Thanks for reading my mini mr super blog. I don't usually do this nor talk about behind-the-scenes-anything. Back to work for me.

If I get 2 views I will have a celebration party.iu_897206_6188318.webp